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  • Sanchit Aneja - The best fitness tracker i have used to dat

    Pretty darn good device, the analysis it provides after my swimming, cycling and running workout is accurate and very helpful! Used fitness trackers before but certainly this the best I have used so far!

  • Ann C. Pope - My husband wanted to try it to see if it ...

    My husband wanted to try it to see if it would help his knees. It did - a little but when he started the "recommended dose" it upset his stomach and he had to stop taking it. Now he's scheduled for a total knee replacement. There was no disclaimer that it could cause stomach upset.

  • Michael Jordan - My Shaving Experience(s)

    I've used an Andis T-ouliner before (the more professional and powerful barbershop type of this one) and there isn't too much different. The blade is key, and both come with a T-blade which is the sharpest cutting. I've had trouble with ingrown hairs and slight bump problem my entire shaving career and I haven't used a manual razor in years. I got sick of paying expensive prices for the good quality ones with 3+ blades and replacing them all the time, not to mention they cut so close that I would bleed and get more irritated. Also, regular face shaving electric razors don't work at all usually for me unless it's on my moustache area, otherwise they are shotty and leave patches of hair. My neck is the real problem when shaving, my hairs grow every which way, ingrown hairs, some bumps. No matter what I use to shave, my neck is most irritated and with this product it's no different. This product does offer a close shave, but it's going to be a bit rough when you feel it, not smooth like a manual razor. It will irritate your skin less however I've found. The best way is to probably use the smallest size guard and trim your hair, if you don't mind a little stuble, it will most certaintly be the best way to stop any type of bump or skin irritation problem. I had never used the little brush to help my hair grow one way to reduce ingrown hairs or bumps but I've started to and so far no effect has been seen but it's too early to tell I guess. Anyways, I think this is definitely a useful tool for the price, a quality product, and it beats paying the barber everytime you want to get trimmed up or shaved and it beats using wet and dirty and irritating manual razor shaving methods or ineffective electric razor methods, so it works best for me. It's also good for trimming up your neck and around your ears and even to shave your head as well, so yeah it comes in handy. You could even shave your chest and other areas with it as well if you wanted to, although I haven't done that in some time. Hope this has helped and good luck shaving!

  • Kissa - Great carrier!

    I was super excited about getting this for my massive cat. She's 25lbs should be 14). The regular square cat carriers are horrible for her. We literally have to spend an hour to get her into the square case every time she goes to the vet (at least 2x a year). This carrier makes it so much easier! It is literally a godsend. We took her to the vet the day after receiving and it was SO MUCH easier to get her in!