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Use Risk Management Services to Protect Your Company - PlusOne Solutions offers risk management services to protect you from potential dangers that could put your relationship with contractors & vendors at risk.

  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/company Risk Management Services – Lower the Risks & Costs of Your Service Organization - Optimize your service organization with risk-reducing, cost-lowering products and services from PlusOne Solutions.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/company/about-us Risk Management and Mitigation Services Provider - PlusOne Solutions® offers various risk management and risk mitigation services to protect you in the areas of finance, legal and reputation.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/company/executive-team Meet the Executive Team for PlusOne Solutions - The Executive Team at PlusOne Solutions® is made up of skilled team members experienced in operations management, IT, and service technology.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/company/board_of_directors Meet the Board of Directors for PlusOne Solutions - PlusOne Solutions® Board of Directors is made up of skilled team members experienced in operations management, screening solutions and information management.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/accreditation Accreditation | PlusOne Solutions Inc. - PlusOne Solutions, Inc. is accredited by the Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program (BSAAP) awarded by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), an honor held by less than 2% of over 5,000 Consumer Reporting Agencies in the US since the accreditation was introduced in 2010.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/company/risk-specialists Risk Specialists – Work with Our Safe Contracting Program to Keep Your Customers Safe - Our risk specialists ensure the service worker at your customer’s door is licensed, screened and insured.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/services Ensure the Safety of Your Clients Using Our Risk Management Services - PlusOne® Solutions services dedicated to the safety of our client’s customers by providing safe contracting programs, document administration and training & assessments.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/services/safe-contracting-programs Safe Contracting Programs – Order Criminal Background Screens & Drug Testing for Your Employees - PlusOne Solutions Safe Contracting program is dedicated to the safety of its clients customers by providing criminal background screenings, drug testing, and badging & credentialing for service workers.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/services/safe-contracting-programs/criminal-background-screens Verify Employees with Criminal & Driving Background Screenings - Perform criminal background screenings with help from PlusOne Solutions to verify your employees past.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/services/safe-contracting-programs/drug-testing Drug Testing Services – Effectively Screen Your Employees for Drugs - Partner with PlusOne Solutions® to get the most comprehensive drug testing solutions for your company, including the standard 9-panel drug screen for all relevant drug and chemical categories.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/services/safe-contracting-programs/badging-credentialing Badging & Credentialing – Use CheckMyBadge to Verify Authorized Employees - CheckMyBadge, a badging and credentialing service program offered by PlusOne Solutions helps you verify the validity of the badge provided.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/services/safe-contracting-programs/order-your-background-screens Order Your Background Screens - Order your background screens from PlusOne Solutions®, provider of the service industry’s leading screening packages.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/services/document-administration Use Document Administration to Manage Your Important Paperwork - Document Administration from PlusOne Solutions helps you reduce the risk of overlooking and under-managing critical documents for your business.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/services/document-administration/insurance-management Get Insurance Coverage Management to Help Reduce Exposure & Financial Risk - Reduce your exposure and financial risk with insurance coverage for your vendors and contractors.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/services/document-administration/licenses-certifications Licenses & Certifications - Verify Your Contractors & Licenses with Document Administration Management - Ensure your contractors and vendors have verified licenses and certifications with document administration management from PlusOne Solutions®.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/services/document-administration/document-management Document Management System – Store, Track, and Manage Business Compliance Records - Use a document management system to store, track and manage business compliance records.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/services/training-assessments Training & Assessments – Lower Training Costs & Deliver Quality Product Informaton - Reduce your training costs while increasing the quality and timeliness of product information.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/services/training-assessments/training-hosting Get Access to Online Training & Hosting for Your Field-based Service Technicians - Connect your field-based service techs to current training and product information updates online.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/services/training-assessments/knowledge-assessments Knowledge Assessments – Access Reports on Demand 24/7 - Get access to reporting tools and analytics that help you identify qualified technicians who have the training to take on a specific job.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/services/hr-compliance-solutions HR Compliance Solutions | PlusOne Solutions Inc. - HR Compliance Solutions The reality is that not all hiring companies are fully aware of the changing laws, regulations, and privacy issues surrounding the use of Criminal Background Screens, Driver Verifications, and Drug Testing when used for employment reasons or contracting.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/Services%20/%20Consumer%20Report%20and%20File%20Disclosure%20Policy Consumer Report and File Disclosure Policy | PlusOne Solutions Inc. - Consumer Report and File Disclosure Policy Publication Date:  November 2014   PlusOne Solutions, Inc. is a consumer reporting agency (CRA) that conducts background screenings on behalf of our customers. All screenings are done with the applicant’s consent. PlusOne will perform a background check only if it was requested by of one our clients with whom you have applied for employment and to whom you have provided authorization, including contract or volunteer work, or for another permissible purpose under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/industries Manage Risks Across Various Industries with Our Risk Management Services - PlusOne Solutions® has risk management services for a variety of industries from third party administrators to utilities and communications.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/industries/appliance_and_electronics Consumer & Commercial Products – Enhance Your Customer Service with Products and Training - PlusOne Solutions® offers various consumer and commercial products that target your urgent needs for compliance and training.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/industries/warranty_administrators Avoid Sending Potentially Unfit Techs Into Your Customer’s Homes - PlusOne Solutions® helps third party administrators reduce the risk of sending unfit technicians into the homes of their customers and expand their service networks.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/industries/telecommunications Optimize Your Field Service Organization with Trained Telecommunications Techs - Access a network of highly trained field techs and a sophisticated online training platform to optimize your field service organization.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/checkmybadge Quickly Verify Service Workers’ Credentials & Certifications - The CheckMyBadge program helps keep your home and business safe by enabling you to quickly and easily verify service workers’ credentials and certifications.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/checkmybadge/how-to-sign-up Sign Up to Become a CheckMyBadge Company - Sign up for CheckMyBadge to ensure the safety of your customers as a service company.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/risks Risk Management Plan - Get Help Mitigating and Managing Risks Using Our Specialists - PlusOne Solutions® implements risk management plans to protect your corporation or institution.
  • http://www.plusonesolutions.net/risks/what-risks Analyze Risks to Anticipate Them Before They Happen - PlusOne® helps you identify and manage the potential risks facing your company.

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  • Karen M. Nowak - Didn't hold up.

    I bought this because my power cord on my Macbook was starting to crack. This looked like the perfect solution. It seemed to be a perfect fix, but unfortunately, it only lasted about 2 months and then it cracked. It probably dries out over time, but this really wasn't a very long of a fix. I haven't used it on anything since, but seeing how it didn't hold up doesn't give me confidence to want to use it again. I wouldn't recommend it.

  • Kat Bailey - LOVE

    Very light weight compared to other all weather mats. Came in genuine Mopar packaging and GREAT coverage in my 2015 Ram 1500 CREW CAB.

  • Proud Mama - Didn't fit other brand of stroller

    My sister has this for her UPPAbaby stroller and she loves it. I was looking for one myself, but unfortunately it didn't fit my JJ Cole Broadway stroller -- the bar was too wide. Sad to send it back.

  • Fabrizio Antonelli - Good product for decarbonization of intake valves on GDI gas engines

    It worked, at least for me, I have a 2011 Tiguan with 55000 mi on the odometer, lately It was having rough idle and loss of power,also a couple of MIL (Check engine light). After reading some reviews and watching some youtube DIY videos I decided to give this product a try. I put half bottle on the crankcase and run the car for about 100 mi, and sprayed it using a hose and an inflator needle through the air intake temperature sensor, let the engine stall and leave the product soak for a couple hours . After that I drove the car for 15 min and watch a lot of white smoke coming out of the exhaust. I repeated this procedure 3 times (half bottle each time) . I changed the oil afterwards.My car now runs smooth and no more Check engine light. Planning to repeat this decarbonization procedure after 4000 miles. I do recommend this product