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Injection Moulding | Plastic | Precision Moulded Products - We specialise in the moulding of high quality technical components, with low and medium volume production runs, for a wide range of industry sectors

  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/contact-us/ Contact | PMP - Head Office Location Precision Moulded Products (Essex) Ltd Riclyn House Flitch Industrial Estate Chelmsford Road Great Dunmow CM6 1XJ Telephone: +44 (0)13
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/manufacture/project-management/ Project Management | PMP - From concept to end-component your project will be in safe hands. If you have an idea for a product or part, our talented team is here to help. PMP can fac
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/manufacture/design-materials/ Design & Materials | PMP - Benefit from the combined knowledge of a design team with over 120 years’ experience! Our design engineers each have over thirty five years’ experience. Pa
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/manufacture/prototyping/ Plastic Prototype Moulding | Plastic Prototypes - PMP creates prototypes fast, evaluating them for manufacturability & analysing them to make sure they’re fit for purpose. Printed, moulded & machined prototypes
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/manufacture/tool-making/ Tool Making | Soft Tooling - Our in-house toolroom is fully equipped to manufacture, repair and maintain a full range of tools. Prototyping, short-production runs, to full production
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/manufacture/injection-moulding/ Injection Mould Specialists | Plastic Injection Moulders - With over 35 years’ experience in building precision moulds, we have the technical expertise to meet the most exacting standards, at competitive prices.
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/manufacture/moulding/ Overmoulding Specialists - PMP has many years of experience with the overmoulding process, ensuring that we create exceptional products at competitive prices
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/manufacture/insert-moulding/ Plastic Insert Moulding | Plastic Inserts - PMP are insert injection moulding specialists. Low, medium and high volume insert moulding processes available, avoiding costly assembly of discreet parts
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/manufacture/component-examples/ Component Examples | PMP - Component Examples Please take a look through these component examples manufactured by PMP using a variety of production methods: Injection moulding Insert
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/sectors/automotive/ Automotive Industry Moulding Production - PMP’s expertise in engineering grade resins and ISO 9001 certified facility make us a clear choice for OEM and aftermarket custom automotive part suppliers
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/sectors/electronics/ Moulded Plastic Components For Electronics - PMP has expertise in creating all manner of electronics components & specialises in injection moulding of small parts required by the electronics industry
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/sectors/instruments/ Insert Moulded Instrument Parts - PMP produces insert moulded components for many different instrumentation applications including controls, sensors, valves & automation systems
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/sectors/life-safety/ Life Safety Component Production - Life Safety products require plastics that are durable, strong and can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. PMP understands the unique needs of Life
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/sectors/mechanical/ Metal Replacement Component Production - If you’re looking for metal replacement, or rubber replacement parts, we can recommend the right plastic materials for your desired application
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/sectors/medical/ Plastic Medical Component Production - PMP’s technical and engineering knowledge ensure that we meet the demanding specifications of various bespoke and custom medical applications.
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/quality-page/ Precision Moulded Products, Quality Page - PMP’s level of excellence will exceed your quality expectations. We don’t just follow industry standards, we set them.   PMP has a total quality manag
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/about/ About | PMP -  A company built on innovation, talented staff and quality manufacturing. Founded in 1978, PMP has built a strong reputation for solving manufacturing desi
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/about/company-overview/associated-company/ Associated Company | PMP - Precision Moulded Products work closely with other specialist subcontract manufacturing companies. Photo Chemical Machining – Photofabrication near Cambrid
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/about/company-overview/terms-conditions/ Terms & Conditions | PMP - To download Precision Moulded Products (Essex) Ltd's full TERMS and CONDITIONS of SALE visit this link 1. GENERAL FORMATION OF CONTRACT 1.1 All orders and
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/about/customer-service/ Customer Service | PMP - Precision Moulded Products have always been rightly proud of their Customer Service and the team that carries this out. Wayne and his team are totally dedi
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/about/customer-service/customer-pledge/ Customer Pledge | PMP - PMP understands that customer service is paramount and strives to provide more than the customer expects. PMP pledges the following: All quotation requests
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/about/policies/rohs-reach-legislation/ RoHS & REACH Legislation | PMP - What is RoHS? The RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive 2002/95/EC came into force on 1st July 2006 and restrict the use of certain hazardou
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/about/policies/quality-policy/ Quality Policy | PMP - The Quality Policy of Precision Moulded Products (Essex) Ltd is: 1. To ensure that the specified requirements of customers are fully understood and can be
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/about/policies/environmental-policy/ Environmental Policy | PMP - Precision Moulded Products (Essex) Ltd is committed to the protection of the environment through safe working practices and continual improvement. To achie
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/about/policies/csr-statement/ CSR Statement | PMP - As an international business, Precision Moulded Products aims to conduct its business in a socially responsible manner, and to respect the needs of employe
  • http://www.pmpessex.co.uk/about/policies/privacy-policy/ Privacy Policy | PMP - This privacy policy sets out how Precision Moulded Products uses and protects any information that you give Precision Moulded Products when you use this we

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  • J.R. - Fantastic for cleaning, did not make my teeth whiter

    This is my second run using this product. This product in my opinion does not "whiten" your teeth, it does an amazing job of removing coffee and tobacco stains from your teeth, probably the best over the counter product I've ever used for cleaning, however; it does not make them whiter.

  • Lee Witt - Best Price

    My 2012 Norton 360 is about to go out. I went looking at retail stores and found the 2013 to run around $90.00, give or take a few bucks. Amazon had it for 1/4 the price and free shipping!

  • Becca - Sturdy and Comfortable

    Beautiful bag, nice colors, shape and feel of material. It's extremely durable, rain proof and easy to clean up. The carrying capacity is excellent. It fits a full change of clothes, makeup bag and other essentials, medium sized book and journal, headphones and a laptop all in one packing, not to mention several smaller pockets to store easy to lose items.

  • Ford Prefect - The best

    This is, so far, the best anti-virus program, at least in my limited experience: very easy to install, does not slow my computer (which is far from being the latest model), and overall is very friendly and easy to use.

  • Roni - eh..

    Used at directed, no change in hair, skin or nails. In fact, I think my nails are softer and weaker then before.

  • Kelly L. Williamson - STAY AWAY FROM THIS STUFF

    DO NOT BUY THIS! Their customer service is horrible. I was trying to renew with them when I was talked into spending $120 correcting some errors on my PC which was running fine. Before it was all over, I had given them remote control of my machine and they eventually lost everything on it! I lost everything that was not backed up. The next day they REFUSED to refund my money. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!