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Program on Forests (PROFOR) | Program on Forests - Through knowledge and innovation, PROFOR promotes smarter forest policy that can reduce poverty, spur economic development and protect the environment in developing countries.

  • http://www.profor.info/knowledge Our Knowledge | Program on Forests - PROFOR activities focus on 4 main themes --improving the livelihoods of forest-dependent people, enhancing forest governance, financing sustainable forest management, coordinating forest policy with other sectors. The resulting knowledge spans many countries and topics.
  • http://www.profor.info/fieldnotes Field Notes | Program on Forests - Our knowledge-sharing blog highlights analysis, stories, data and events that resonate with PROFOR's broad forest interests, whether they originated in our shop or not. Feel free to share your thoughts through comments.
  • http://www.profor.info/content/donors Donors | Program on Forests - PROFOR is made possible thanks to the financial contributions from the following donors:
  • http://www.profor.info/content/impact Our Impact | Program on Forests - Since 2002, PROFOR has supported over 100 knowledge activities, focused on four key themes: improving people’s livelihoods through better management of forests and trees; enhancing forest law enforcement and governance; financing sustainable forest management; and coordinating forest policy across sectors.
  • http://www.profor.info/content/funding-criteria Funding Criteria | Program on Forests - Knowledge activity proposals are an outcome of discussions with global partners and donors and with World Bank central and regional technical staff who liaise closely with counterparts and local stakeholder groups in developing countries.
  • http://www.profor.info/knowledge/balancing-development-trade-offs-across-forest-mining-and-agriculture-republic-congo Balancing development trade-offs across forest, mining and agriculture in the Republic of Congo | Program on Forests - The Republic of Congo (ROC) is a country of competing natural riches. Above ground, nearly 24 million hectares are covered in pristine tropical forests, which provide homes and livelihoods to millions of people, as well as habitats for the gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants and other rare species that live among the trees.
  • http://www.profor.info/notes/what-do-forests-have-do-disaster-risk-management-qa-annegien-tijssen What Do Forests Have to Do with Disaster Risk Management? Q&A with Annegien Tijssen | Program on Forests - () PROFOR spoke with Disaster Risk Management Specialist Annegien Tijssen about her work incorporating knowledge on forests towards minimizing the impacts of natural disasters. 
  • http://www.profor.info/events/international-seminar-%E2%80%98improving-collection-and-use-data-socioeconomic-benefits-forests-and-t Launch of the sourcebook on national socioeconomic surveys in forestry | Program on Forests - FAO, CIFOR, IFRI, LSMS and PROFOR of the World Bank jointly launched the sourcebook ‘’National socioeconomic surveys in forestry: guidance and survey modules for measuring the multiple roles of forests in household welfare and livelihoods” 

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