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Le sport, l'entraînement et l'alimentation en questions - Questions-sports a pour objectif de vous apporter des réponses complètes sur l'entraînement, l'alimentation du sportif, le mental ou le dopage.

  • http://www.questions-sports.com/2010/11/que-manger-avant-la-competition/ Bien s'alimenter avant une compétition - L'alimentation dans les jours précédant la compétition et le jour même de l'épreuve est une question parfois difficile.
  • http://www.questions-sports.com/2010/11/fiche-pratique-comment-gerer-le-stress/ 10 conseils pour gérer le stress - Réguler votre stress est essentiel à la réalisation d'une performance sportive. Voici quelques conseils pratiques simples à mettre en oeuvre
  • http://www.questions-sports.com/2010/11/le-stress-est-il-favorable-a-la-performance/ Effets du stress sur la performance sportive - Le stress est-il positif ou négatif pour le sportif? Sommes-nous tous égaux devant le stress?
  • http://www.questions-sports.com/2010/10/dou-viennent-les-points-de-cote-et-comment-sen-debarasser/ Les points de côté, comment s'en débarasser - Des explications sur les causes possibles des points de côté et les moyens de se débarasser de ces douleurs peu graves mais très gênantes.
  • http://www.questions-sports.com/2010/10/le-salbutamol-permet-il-daccroitre-les-performances/ Natation pour tous : vidéos, cours et entrainements - Articles, vidéos et forum pour les nageurs de tous niveaux. Natation pour tous aborde par exemple les techniques de nage, l'entraînement, la formation des maîtres nageurs.
  • http://www.questions-sports.com/2010/10/comment-reconnaitre-le-surentrainement/ Le surentraînement, définition et symptomes - Comment reconnaître le surentraînement? Quels sont les signes observables et les tests qui peuvent être effectués pour préciser le diagnostic

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  • Marqie - If you are going to follow their plan then it is a great

    I have encountered a few prep books but this is the first time I encountered an giving students the same message I have for the last ten years. If you are going to follow their plan then it is a great purchase

  • Victoria - Miracle Cream!

    I've been using th is product for 2-3 weeks now and I am seriously AMAZED. A little background, I have extremely dry, sensitive, prone to breakout skin. I have a lot of large clogged pores and blackheads. I'm 24 and ive just started using a retinol cream. I tried a few expensive brands (kate Somerville, Philosophy) and both dried out my skin WAY too much and honestly didn't do a whole lot for me. Plus, I really don't feel like paying $60-100 for an once of cream!!! That gets expensive. So, I got on amazon and found this guy! After three weeks of use, my breakouts are nearly gone, pores are massively diminished, and my skin feels AMAZING. It is light weight, so it absorbs immediately and doesn't sit on my skin and cause breakouts. It doesn't dry my already dry skin out or over moisurize. The packaging is great also! I have nothing bad to say about this product and will continue to repurchase! Definitely would reccomend!.

  • SoVo - Go ahead and upgrade if you don't mind being forced to pay more $$$ each month

    The latest version of QB has now completely taken away your ability to attach documents you've stored on your own computer. Instead, you have to pay for their "service" (something always subject to the whims of the powers that be at Intuit) and pay for their Document Attachment Service (starting at $9.95/month for one attachment per item). Oh, you can still host the stuff on your servers, it's just that QB's charges you to actually access it. There are 3rd party software programs that will do the same thing, but they run around $200 a piece.

  • Brenda C. Ramirez - Gaining Weight???

    Only been taking for 2 weeks.. I think they are making me put on weight. Been dieting but weight is going up. Will come back after the bottle is finished.

  • Morgan Lawson - Love the pages but hate that they don't sell just ...

    Love the pages but hate that they don't sell just refills. You have to purchase an entire planner every year. :(

  • pat barbella - This product did not work for me

    I too was excited to try this product after reading the reviews. Count me in as one of the consumers this product did absolutely nothing for my feet. I followed the directions and looked forward to the results. The results never came, my feet looked the same after using this product as they did prior to using it.

  • justme - Great Hand Soap!!!

    I'm just a big baby...I'll admit it. My skin has become incredibly dry over the past few winters with painful cracks on my hands. I'm using this in the shower as well as HAND SOAP!!! That was a happy accident. I moved my hand soap while cleaning substituting Aveeno Baby Cleansing Therapy Moisturizing Wash. My hands are so smooth and soft now. I'm going to order more so I can have this at every sink.