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  • Aviva James - Best Album of 2014

    Great album from beginning to end. You will not be disappointed. If you a J Cole fan you understand. If youre not a dan, its nit for you. It'sjust a different type of album that ain't for everyone. But, please do listen. Be my guest!

  • Lynn - I bought an item from an auto parts place recommended by the employees

    works a little. I don't think any thing will take off the "film" on the headlights of my 2002 Toyota. I have seen many others in the same condition. I bought an item from an auto parts place recommended by the employees...didn't work at all,

  • Joy in WY - Best Polish Ever

    I do Stained Glass and Metal Embossing. I was working with brass came on a set of windows. The brass didn't look good as it was dull and I could see some tarnish on it. I tried the cleaner I had but it still didn't look like brass should. I ordered some "Never Dull" and I couldn't believe how nice and shiny and clear of any marks it was. I also used "Never Dull" on the glass and it was so clean and clear I couldn't believe it as I've always had to fight with trying to get the glass, brass and solder seams crystal clear and shiny. I recommend "Never Dull" as it was easy to use, and it saved me a lot of time cleaning my glass and metals.