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  • Noreen C T - I LIke It!!

    I am pleasantly surprised on how much I like it. I initially had reservations for two reasons. I bought too large of a phone and the case made it seem heavier and bulkier.

  • C.J×3 - Very impressed and make our house look really good at night

    Wow! I bought and some solar lights before but they were cheaper ones and broke. These are soo worth the money they are some of the nicest well built solar lights I've honestly seen. They are heavy duty and not made cheap. Also they have a on and off button and a backup battery in there. Thats a really nice extra because usually most dont have that feature and when they do they make you buy the battery. Very impressed and make our house look really good at night! My husband was really excited to.

  • Hazel Stewart - They are very multifunctional as they have a volume rocker and microphone which work great

    First thing I noticed was the nice ear hooks which are great as they hold them in better when running ect. The Bluetooth is great as no untangling is needed nor the need to plug it in using a jack socket as I have had connection problems with other headphones using a 3.5mm jack plug. They are very multifunctional as they have a volume rocker and microphone which work great.

  • Morgan Darland - Works wonders for me!

    This has worked wonders for me! I'm 24 and I have three kids, a 4 year old, 2 year old and a 4 month old. At the first of this year, I was 198 pounds. I had a lot of extra fat and water weight. I was tired all the time and plus having a newborn and the other two kids...I didn't know how I was going to have the energy to not only take care of them but the house, my husband, and myself as well. One day while I was at the grocery store, I came across these and I decided to buy them. Now, five months and three bottles later, I am 138 and still dropping! They give me so much energy and sometimes I get what is called a "Niacin Flush" that makes me turn red and sweat. I love it! I take them before I work out and it really gets me thru the entire thing! I also take them before lunch. If you are not sensitive to caffeine or niacin,I would definitely recommend these!

  • VeeDubya - Good for body but not hair

    This is good for use as a body wash but terrible as a shampoo. I used this on my daughter for over a year and she had the dullest, straw-like hair ever. I finally just switched her to my own natural shampoo and conditioner (Trader Joes tea tree tingle) and now she has smooth, shiny, healthy looking hair.