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  • norman boutin - earthing book fantastic

    What an eye opener. Amazing how easy it is to connect to the earth and get rid of pain. I even made my own earthing shoes out of an old pair I use to work around the yard using bell wire I stripped the insulation off of drilled two tiny holes on the bottom of the shoes and looped the wire through. I measured with a digital volt meter and I was instantly earth. Now I will be earth all the time outside too.

  • Sandra Garrett - Them Godfrey Men

    It may not be as many Godfrey's as Carter Boys buy these men are something serious. I love how they took the values from their mom and how she would check them when they went against how she raided them. Their ladies were not pushovers either. You want to show you butt, they can play the game and play it better.

  • louisya - It works, excellent results

    I had to use this in my attic and it absolutely killed the white mold on the wood planks of the under roof, i didn't even have to clean the area, i ended up getting a whole gallon and prevent treat the whole attic not just the area that was infected

  • trincess - Great show for babies and growing toddlers

    Great show for babies and growing toddlers. It is a good learning channel but you can get a little bored with some of the episode. They need to make it more interesting for toddlers to keep their attention longer. This is just my experience with my grandchild. Every child and parents have their own opinion. I suggest just check out for yourself. To sum it up they will learn something from this educational channel.