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Richfield District - Richfield Public Schools has a long and proud tradition of remaining focused on the top priority of any school district: its students.

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  • kdixon - Awesome Product- delivers as promised!!!

    Just wish I stared using this a long time ago! Wow! After 4 weeks my skin is looking so much younger and pores are practically Invisible (even on my nose!). Be patient to get over the stinging when you first start using it because it gets better and the results are so worth it!! I started using all the "deep wrinkle" products now because of the results of this product.

  • Ellie - Product received damaged / not as pictured

    The product I received looked nothing like what is pictured - the picture shows solid, grey tablets but I received capsules which were filled with yellow powder and several of the capsules had burst open, so the inside of the container was coated with yellow powder. I set it aside intending to return them but due to a family emergency requiring travel, was unable to send them back within the allowed time frame. I ended up throwing them out and wasting money.

  • N. Hargrove - Help with velcro strap!

    I purchased this from Dick's for about $100 cheaper.. So the velcro strap popped off when unpacking. It is not in a very awkward position and I have no idea how to get it down! It is quite hard trying to assemble it to see if any of the electronic options will put it back in an upright position.

  • Lily Pop - Fair Skinned Beauty Looking For The Perfect Wrinkle Cream

    I ordered this product a few months ago, because I was desperately looking for a wrinkle cream (at a reasonable price) to get rid of my one line in my forehead (sounds pathetic I know). I'm in my 20s and started paying more attention to my face. I recently noticed a line in my forehead that I was not familiar with and it kinda bugged me. Actually, no. It REALLY bugged me!!! I did my research on Amazon and came across this wrinkle cream. Good reviews at a pretty good price. Great! I ordered it. Here is my review:

  • kerrie Reason - Wasted my Money

    Hi I hate this product. I spend $70.00 or more getting the product and here and the mail file to make the damn thing work would not load up and so whole thing useless. What makes me more cranky is that I asked if this product was suitalbe for use in Australia and was told it was ok. This is the second time I purchased this product very annoyed at the money wasted

  • Aria - Great new book with fascinating stories of random factoids

    This book is refreshing. Most books in this genre simply list quirky tidbits, but this book actually explains each one in an interesting way. It is nice to read the context and learn how each fact came to be. Also, each explanation is short and sweet, about a page or two, so you can read in short bursts if you want or sit for hours learning new factoids. Each fact also ties into the next in some way, which keeps the book fluid. Would recommend to others who like learning obscure facts and history of those facts.