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Long-Term Bipolar I Disorder Treatment | RISPERDAL® CONSTA® - Learn about RISPERDAL® CONSTA® (risperidone) and how it can help those living with Bipolar I Disorder. See Safety & full Prescribing Information.

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  • http://www.risperdalconsta.com/schizophrenia A Long-acting Schizophrenia Treatment | RISPERDAL® CONSTA®(risperidone) - Learn about RISPERDAL® CONSTA® (risperidone), a long-acting medication treating those living with schizophrenia. See Safety & full Prescribing Information.

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  • Teide - Good information book about 2012 and mayan ceremonies

    The book has got much information about the Mayans and their supposed practical ceremonies that you can do at home.Sometimes it gets a bit complicated with much Mayan stuff you can not prove to be right either, but at least he is Mexican and seem to know what is he talking about.I still miss the authenticity of those old mexican mayan shamans out from the American workshops circuits to talk about this but we all know we won't find this in amazon.

  • David L Dilley - Navigation by page numbers impossible.

    This Kindle book does not have page numbers that correspond to the printed book. The screen numbers do not translate directly to the printed page numbers. The screens are numbered from 1 to 19,219. When an instructor says "if you will go to Excel page 53", you have no idea of how to get to the screen that correspond to "Excel page 53"! Another problem is the resolution of the Figure #-## examples. When working through a chapter and you are instructed to enter the data in one of these examples into your worksheet, you cannot read the data show. Also when you follow a tutorial and want to compare your Worksheet to an example shown, you can't!

  • Cynthia L. - Update...screws falling off frame

    Our baby is now 18 months old (a big boy...over 25 lbs) and we still use it a lot. This stroller has been all over the world, folded in planes and pushed on all kinds of surfaces, cobblestone streets,sand, you name it.

  • Kirk Burleson - Almost Perfect

    Everything except the battery life is great on this thing. I love the telescoping handle, the guide wheels, the rotating head, and the power. But the battery life is not great. From a full charge it lasted about 20 minutes of all out trimming on a fence line and some of that was wet, thick grass. Another battery would fix my gripe, but it's another $50 and then it might be better just to buy the 40v trimmer instead. I think I'll go gas next time.

  • Kody - Great comprehensive review

    Recommended to me by a friend. Last minute life saver! The book is a great refresher for all necessary subjects, especially the math and science sections. Very easy to understand.

  • Paul Hanzel - Great guide for Travelers, not tourists

    Used this guide during our trip to Italy. I love that Rick Steves shows you how to avoid the tourist traps and travel like the locals do. We found that everywhere we went, we were surrounded by locals. His restaurant recommendations were spot on, which is important for foodies like ourselves. We also loved Rick's tips for bypassing the lines at the bigger museums and when to book things like train tickets.

  • Mike Skelton - Maxine . . . what's not to LOVE

    This calendar my husband, Mike Skelton gets for me EVERY year at Christmas and I put it up on my kitchen wall and have told others about Maxine and they too now LOVE her and have her desk calendar at work!!!