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  • Mallo Bennie - I'm afraid it's all true.

    I ignored all the warnings because I have to use Windows for my job and I wanted a MacBook Air so bad I figured I'd make it work. For me, this software has been like a practical joke. It will not let me do the basic things word processors do: search for words, spell check (unless I want Word to spontaneously correct random words without alerting me), record macros, track changes in draft view, read comment bubbles if they exceed a certain number per page (making the software default to an unreadable correction pane)...I could go on. The spell check thing resulted in my accidentally returning several projects to clients with random words replaced like Mad Libs. On top of this, the program has crashed, no kidding, about 20 or so times in the last few days. In short, this is insufficiently stable for actual use, and Microsoft should put its mighty weight behind fixing this thing immediately, or offer everyone a full refund. It would be really nice if Microsoft, having achieved their monopoly over the world's office work, would leave us with something we can all use.

  • Effie W.M. - Love Norton

    I've used Norton products for many years. When I switch to other brands, I am very disappointed; I always come back to Norton.

  • BlueMackerel - ... I received them as gift and these are working great. They made my skin glowy with enough moisture ...

    I have been using these products line over 3 months since I received them as gift and these are working great. They made my skin glowy with enough moisture and nutrients. Most of all, I have very sensitive skin, especially with any products with SPF ingredients giving me allergic reaction (red swollen puffy & watery eyes) but the BB cream of Atomy didn't give me any side effect. So I tried their sun screen cream with SPF 50 and loved it. So I am planning to stick with these products.

  • Amazon Customer - The DHEA Your fountain of youth hormone book was good and simple to read to start with to learn ...

    The DHEA Your fountain of youth hormone book was good and simple to read to start with to learn about DHEA.

  • Maddie - DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!!

    I was really excited when I first got this app. Right away I was taken to a screen that said since I was new I could choose and item that I would get basically for free except for shipping. Then I go through adding things to a list of things I like that are a good price. As I'm looking at these I see an item that I purchased for a friend and went through a process of agreeing to buy it and it was all good. About 10 minutes later I get a notification that the order is now being processed which led me to looking at my order history to see about my free item. Lo and behold my free item has been cancelled and there is an item that I didn't purchase and definitely didn't go through the same ordering process I went through to get my item I actually purchased. So immediately I go to cancel the order. It's apparently not an immediate thing and it basically amounts to send the app a message. Their response was basically we can't do anything till it's processed so message us again in 24-48 hours. So I wait and resend the message about 36 hours later. Now they say they can't cancel the order because it's already shipped. What!? Why wasn't a note of some sort put on this to cancel the order as soon as it was processed? Why is this item I never even looked at being charged to my card? So now they are saying that when it arrives I should take pictures and send it back. Well F that! do not get this app! It will make purchases for things you didn't want in the first place and the staff won't do diddly about it

  • Butler S. Cox - New GP3B doesn't work. GP not responding..

    1) Can't turn GP3B on without removing and re-installing battery each time you want to take pictures or videos.