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Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis Foundation - The Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis Foundation was created to provide patient/family support, serve as an information resource for patients and practitioners, promote public awareness, and aid in the prevention, cure and treatment of RRP by encouraging and participating in promising RRP research studies.

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  • Daniel Clark - The sound quality is good and it feels good around the ears but I ...

    The sound quality is good and it feels good around the ears but I give it a 2 because if I put my phone in my pants back pocket it cuts out. That is the reason I bought it was to be hands free.

  • wondermommy - A Story That Goes Beyond Words

    Lis Wiehl has went beyond words. There is a surge of strong feeling pumping through every page of this story. THE CANDIDATE is a true masterpiece. It grabbed this reader from the get-go, and would not let me go. Such power! Such drama! Some of the series of events were so fast-paced, I thought I was running a marathon. A gripping story from the first page to the last, with so much action and intrigue. First bombings, then shootings. When would it all end? The thought of all that evil, and not caring who or what gets in the way, coming in such strong waves. Then Erica feeling this stab of guilt; plus on top of that a feeling of loss that turned her once twinkling eyes into deep pools of sadness. I felt her sadness in this sad but fascinating tale. Even with all of her journalistic abilities, and after all the digging up and searching for the right answers, would Erica ever learn the truth? But she couldn't give up. Not even after so much that has happened. She was determined to see this thing through, no matter what. The lack of not knowing what really happened, or who or what caused the bombing and shooting kept eating at Erica. And suddenly, she felt fear take hold of her and thought, somehow, all of this could be her fault. But how? Is this going way beyond what the citizens want or need? Is Erica about to loose everything and everyone she has ever loved? Will she learn the truth too late? I received this book at no cost in exchange for my honest review. A wonderful, and interesting must read.

  • Russ - Disappointing

    As ordered, On time. Using sound level meter before and after installing the silencing kit there was no change in the noise, 78DBA

  • Book Gannet - A Very Proper Marriage

    Take one very proper young wife, add in an exceedingly proper marquess, stir up plenty of outside expectations and rigid views about what a marriage should be – particularly in the bedchamber – and it’s no wonder that these two are outwardly content, but inwardly dissatisfied at the start of this book. Until Eugenia finds a naughty book and sets out to win her husband’s full attention.

  • bookhound - Emuaid to the rescue!

    I've only used the above product for two weeks and already see an improvement. I have an auto-immune problem with lichen sclerosis and it's very painful. I heard about this cream on tv's Carol Alt and ordered it immediately. It's spendy but I ordered it anyway on the Amazon website and thankful I did. It's working for me. There's no chemicals or artificial ingredients. It also treats shingles, dermatitus, cellulitus, bed sores, hemorroids, exzema, fungal infections, poison ivy, oak & sumac, and other itchy, painful conditions.

  • Mark Lock - Low Sensitivity Old electronics fragile

    I have tried 2 of these radios and found out the sensitivity is very bad, like the antenna has been removed, i have compared this radio to other portable shortwave radios such as eton e1 and notice hardly no difference, the ICF 2010 has a AM sync to cut static interference from drift comparing the Sony ICF 2010 reduced the static more but it sounds "hollow"; "tinny"; high boosted midrange hear less static but have a hard time making out the words what is heard, the SONY ICF 2010 radio came out in 1984, and it is highly over rated, other radios have the same AM SYNC and has better results making out the words.