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Safetync.org - Safety Education and Training since 1960 in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC through the North Carolina Chapter of the National Safety Council.

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  • http://www.safetync.org/safetycouncilhistory.htm Safety and Health Council of North Carolina History - The Safety and Health Council of North Carolina was founded in 1960 as the Citizen’s Safety Association of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Inc.
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  • http://www.safetync.org/meshprogram.htm MESH | Manager of Environmental Safety and Health Certification - Safety and Health Council of North Carolina, NC State University IES, and the North Carolina Department of Labor are the 3 MESH partners.
  • http://www.safetync.org/safetycongress.htm North Carolina Safety Congress - The North Carolina Safety Congress offers a variety of safety sessions with experts in the construction industry and general industry
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  • inspector5385 - Baby Blue is Breaking Bad's music

    Every time I hear this song it brings me back to Breaking Bad's finial episode where Walter White comes to peace with what he did to himself and his family.

  • minh tran - I like it a lot.

    I know what most of you think about this movie but for me it is very worthwhile seeing regardless the end is coming or not. John Cusack is so funny and compassionate.THe movie gives some good tips for disasters prepareness and ideas what kind of people would survive the hard time. The only part I don't like is the swearing which happens in a couple scenes. Thank God!

  • M. Lemmon - So Far So Good ...

    I am a long time QB-Windows user (circa 1995). When I switched to a Mac in 2005, I loaded QB-Windows onto my Mac using Parallels software. Well, accessing my QB-Win software through Parallels has become such a hassle (all software in Windows VM is very unstable, the printer compresses text, etc.) I decided to take a leap of faith and switch to the new QB14 for Mac which Intuit purports was developed by Mac software writers.

  • Karla F - Flex Belt Works!!!

    I have been using the Flex Belt for 4 straight weeks now, I wanted to give it a try because who doesn't want to have a tighter mid section? I use a pretty high intensity on the Flex Belt and you can really feel the abs contract and workout. The Flex Belt does not hurt at all, it just feels like a great ab workout!! I go to the gym 3-4 days a week and don't really have time for a good ab workout. The Flex Belt has definitely helped my abs in a big way!!!

  • Maria I. - Some fun at the party

    These balloons are so much fun. I ordered them for a party I will have for my girls and I thought they would be something different. I like the fact they they are different colors and create a nice atmosphere, but the light is a little hard to see unless it is dark so I will have to plan accordingly and place them in a lower lit location. They seem to be of good quality but nothing too special besides the light. Has three settings and I thought is fun having them go in all three. I thought they are a little pricey, but otherwise fun.