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  • Noah- Automotive Connoisseur - Simple Installation & Safer Than Stock

    The directions aren't that helpful if you have absolutely no knowledge of electrical wiring, however are easy to follow. Super bright LED display, so no need for a bulb any longer. If you haven't looked these up on YouTube, you should. It also has several white LEDs at the bottom of the light facing downward toward where the license plate would be on an aftermarket plate device. The brake light portion also strobes once before becoming brighter than the normal running light, once one of the brakes it pushed/pulled.

  • Chris B. - Counterfeit product that doesn't even function as described and may stop working with any updates to your DS game system!

    While this DS ROM cartridge works in my 2DS it is not the real thing as made by R4! The unit supports SDHC cards and ROMs with an NDS file extension do work and support RTs (real time saves), however ROMs saved in the 3DS file format (with the file extension of 3DS as well) do NOT work (even after updating the firmware on the cartridge). The included URL to download software and DS ROMs does work, but the actual software itself, which is also a knock-off product, doesn't work after install. Additionally, because this is a counterfeit R4 device you risk having the cartridge stop working forever with a future update to your Nintendo DS game system. Stay away from this product, and check the (actual) R4 website for instructions on how to verify the authenticity of any other "R4" you may buy!