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Sexual Health Guide - Exercise, Dating And Fun Help Fight ED - Sexual health isn't just a matter of impotence and drugs. It also involves staying fit, having healthy relationships and having fun. We deal with it all.

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  • Aggie103 - I am nearing 70. (Coloring our hair never helps ...

    I am nearing 70. (Coloring our hair never helps?) These work. My hair is noticeably thicker, especially at the top of my head and front hairline. Warning: "other areas" also showed restored hair growth : / lal

  • Joy Smith - great story for Dad

    it is so hard to find a story about a dad and his son. most books tell about a mom interacting with her child. for a divorced dad we are constantly hunting for books with Dad involved with his son. this one is great! thanks!

  • katie03264 - No reception

    I get almost no reception on my FM stations anymore, but at least my snorkel won't get beat up by my antenna any more.

  • Rosa Rivera - Be ready to go every morning

    I love my ginseng and this complex is my favorite , is easy on your stomach and the energy is wonderful is much better than caffeine.

  • Consumer - Oil but dry!! 👍🏼

    I love this!!! This is my 5th bottle in 3 mo! I'm pregnant and it sucks I didn't know about this my first pregnancy. It nourishes the skin, but I don't feel like I'm ready to be deep fried since it feels like it dries! My husband can't track where I lay down anymore :)

  • McE2016 - Works well and smell isn't bad

    Leaves your hair soft but firmly styled. The smell is not bad either! My favorite hair spray. It isn't the cheapest, but I figure I use less because it does the job more effectively.