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Subros: Auto Airconditioning Systems - Subros manufactures compressors, Condensers, Heat Exchangers and all connecting elements required to complete AC loop and caters to all segments viz. Passenger Vehicles, Buses, Trucks and many more.

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  • Socal Hop Head - Macgyver

    Ripped through the front pocket of my dockers and broke two of my toes in the process. Not recommended for daily carry. I still haven't figured out how to use the fork and knife at the same time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Brian McGinty - I love my Moov NOW

    I love my Moov NOW. I started looking for a fitness tracker to motivate me to exercise after taking a new job with a longer commute. I wasn't doing anything and figured it was time. The features of the Moov attracted me and they have proved extremely motivational. I started with the 7 minute workout and have continued doing it regularly. I grabbed a second Moov device and fell in love with the cardio boxing. Now that it is spring, I'm ready to run, walk and bike. I love that the coach is there with you throughout the workout and keeps you going. My body is thanking me everyday for buying the moov now.

  • Linda R - Great bookl for people with Osteoarthritis!

    I purchased this years ago but could not find my book. I saw this Kindle version and downloaded it - loved getting the revised book because mine was so old. I got the new book and could read it - I did eventually find my original book. I saw the best hands specialist in not only our area, but people fly in from all over the world. His only recommendation for me and my osteoarthritis of my hands was the same as this book or fusion of joints. The book wins.

  • mathanee - YASS

    I love getting new cards!!! The box is pretty cool along with the mythic rare chromanticore I got. He's the basis to my rainbow deck. On to the next one :)

  • Sharyn Hutchens - a bit overdone

    I did not dislike this book, but I couldn't love it. The characters were too black and white. Maybe I'm just too cynical for love stories any more, but I thought the passion a little overdone. Not the sex scenes, but the roaring, chest beating l-o-v-e shown by.both Jack and Michael for Lacey. She was too perfect, they were too childish for professional men of that age. I have liked others of Elliot's books, but this one was just a bit over the top for me. I knew going in it was a "thriller-romance' but it was a little heavy on the romance for my tastes.