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  • Andrew Layman - Excellent stories for an Early Reader

    Short, literate stories, each with a moral, allowing a child to get the idea of drawing a generalization from a story. The brevity makes them understandable as wholes and a manageable size for older children to read (my four-year-old child finds them interesting enough to motivate her reading and short enough to permit success). My favorite editions of these tales place one fable and illustration per page. More at strongbrains.com.

  • mattshaw - This baby swing is pretty great. It puts my baby to sleep way ...

    This baby swing is pretty great. It puts my baby to sleep way better than the one I used to have and it takes up a lot less space. My daughter outgrew it pretty fast, but that is the case with most baby swings because it is for a baby not a toddler. That's really the reason we had to buy another one because my toddler boys wanted to swing in the baby swing and the result was a broken swing. This swing has sensors in it to stop the swing if it is overloaded and it is generally pretty awesome even thought it costs two to three times as much as a regular swing.

  • Amazon Customer - Always check the batch code!

    Just got this and noticed that the packaging was a little old, checked the batch code and the date of production was June 2012. Murad's products last three years if unopened and there are no active ingredients. I'm really not going to risk putting an old product on my face.

  • bookworm2bookworm - clean, light and inspiring

    It wouldn't be Christmas season if I skipped reading Debbie Macomber Christmas themed story. And that's what happened last year! So, I'm on my second DM book this season and the stories while similar, still managed to entertain. Especially the heroine.

  • Kyle K - Expensive!!!! Buy locally if you can!

    FYI for the smart consumers out there...same item sells at Home Depot for $12. Shop locally and save $ if you can!

  • Don P - Texturizing Tafy

    I have only used product once since purchase and I was pleased with the texture of my hair. It did seem to take some of the shine out. I was disappointed that it didn't provide as much body as I had hoped for. I am a fan of tafy so I loved the smell. I will continue to try to use it from time to time.