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weblink for Wolf Schweitzer, MD - This is Wolf Schweitzer's online weblink and online tool for research and case work in Forensic Medicine and Forensic Pathology.

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  • C-Berg - Awesome product

    I actually ordered this product directly off their website as it was cheaper. After doing a bit of research online and liking what I was reading, I ventured and got their 2 pack with Vanillla and Chocolate Brownie. I actually am reordering today another 2 pack as I am now on my end of my last tubs. Flavor is great, even a tad bit on the sweet side sometimes and I am a sweets person!! I prefer the vanilla as I feel it is not as sweet and I like to make a shake/smoothie in the mornings with frozen berries/ 1/2 frozen banana and some chia seeds. It is delicious!!! At night before I go to bed, when I get hungry again or am craving sweets, I like to do a chocolate brownie and it satisfies my craving and hunger. I really do love it so far , like mentioned my only displease is the overpowering sweetness it can bring if you use coconut milk or full cup of almond milk etc. I usually do 1/2 cup almond milk and 1/2 cup of water and that seems to be perfect. It does not have an after taste as 90% of protein shakes do out there. I work out about 6x a week, try to eat clean 6days a week and have 6 small portioned meals thought the day, making this shake 2 of my meals a day but always always my Ideal shake at night to get good protein in my body while I sleep. I highly recommend. I lost 6 lbs in just 2-3 weeks by doing this. If you follow them on Facebook they have several recipes for healthy snacks or meals you can incorporate this powder into.

  • Michelle G. - Shadow Lasts All Day

    This is great for getting your shadow to last all day, or avoiding that oily feel/shiny look if you choose to skip shadow. My shadow lasts until I wash it off at night. If I don't want to do full makeup, I will still put this on my lids for a matte look and feel that lasts all day but looks natural. I've been using this for a few years now, I love it.

  • Marcey - Dried hair faster & straighter!!!

    Well... it is large enough to fit just about any dryer, but not snug enough to stay on. Soooo... I just put a rubber band around the dryer (not the hair type but the office type) so it won't slide off as I use it. Does the trick. Still works SO MUCH BETTER than brushing hair with opposite hand. Hair dries faster and straighter. Oh!! Also it cut my drying time in half. I have thick, curly hair, so it helps tremendously so that I don't have to use as much heat with hair iron. You have to make it fit the dryer... that part sucks.

  • Estar - Good product

    It seems to work, I like the size of it. It was a good value, lasts a long time and has good ingredients. Smell, oh well, natural:) not too pleasant. Not as strong as some manure still nothing to get too close to in but the plants love it and it does not burn. It is not just for the lawn, you can put it around trees or any plants and use it in combination with other fertilizers or treatments. Also I like that it is safe around pets and organic.Good all-around product, seems safe and gentle not necessarily a ''super-grow'' miracle but slow and steady and useful to green things up a bit. I find it useful and will continue to use it next growing season for further observation.