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Therapie Hair Restoration: Hair Transplant Clinic Dublin, Ireland - Therapie Hair Restoration is a leading FUE & FUT hair transplant clinic in Ireland. For private consultations call 1890 202 203, clinics in Dublin, Cork, Limerick & Galway.

  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/contact-us/ Contact Therapie Hair Restoration Today - Contact Therapie Hair Restoration for a private, confidential consultation with our of our hair consultants. Call 1890 202 203.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/our-clinics/ Hair Transplant Clinic in Ireland - Therapie Hair Restoration is Ireland's Leading hair transplant clinic. With clinics nationwide, we offer private and confidential consultations.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/faqs/ Hair Transplant Questions - At Therapie Hair Restoration we discuss with the patient all hair transplant questions they might have at a private consultation.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/blog/ Hair Restoration Blog - Therapie Hair Restoration Blog. Learn about the latest news and articles about hair loss and hair transplants.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/why-choose-therapie-hair-restoration/ Why choose Therapie Hair Restoration - At Therapie Hair Restoration we understand that each individual hair loss problem is unique so we offer a wide range of hair loss solutions tailored to you.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/our-surgeon/ Dr Nel Hair Transplant Surgeon - Hair Transplant Surgeon - Dr. Nel is the Medical Director and Resident Hair Transplant Surgeon at Therapie Hair Restoration Ireland.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/therapie-hair-restoration-facilities/ Our Therapie Hair Restoration Facilities - Therapie Hair Restoration is the leading hair transplant clinic in Ireland, with facilities in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway. Private consultations.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/about-hair-loss/ About Hair Loss | Therapie Hair Restoration - About 70% of Irish men suffer or will suffer at some stage from hair loss. If you want to find out about hair loss and its causes read this page.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/psychological-impacts-hair-loss/ Psychological Impact of Hair Loss - There are many emotional components to losing one’s hair. It is often more than a physical hair loss; many patients feel a loss of confidence too.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/online-diagnosis/ Hair Loss Online Diagnosis - Hair Loss Online diagnosis - Use this tool to calculate an estimate of the amount of grafts and cost for your hair transplant. For a more precise diagnosis call us on 1890 202 203.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/facts-and-myths-hair-loss/ Facts and Myths about Hair Loss - There are many facts and myths about hair loss. Many patients believe that thinning hair is a part of life that cannot be treated. At Therapie Hair Restoration we give patients the facts about hair loss.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/the-stages-of-androgenetic-alopecia-male-pattern-baldness/ Androgenetic Alopecia Explained - Androgenetic Alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness is hair loss that occurs due to different reasons. Read here why men suffer from hair loss.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/difference-between-hair-and-follicle-graft/ The Difference between a hair and a follicle/graft - The difference between a hair and a follicle is that a follicular unit will contain a single hair or multiple hairs grouped together. Read more here.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/hair-anatomy/ Hair Anatomy - Learn about the hair anatomy and why hair loss in men is very common. One of the main reasons for hair loss resides in the structure of the hair.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/causes-female-hair-loss/ Causes of Female Hair Loss - There are several causes of female hair loss. Hair loss in women is completely different from hair loss in men.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/consultation-diagnosis-female-hair-loss/ Diagnosis of Female Hair Loss - There are many different factors that contribute to the female hair loss. To find out a hair loss solution, a diagnosis and consultation are recommended.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/stages-of-female-hair-loss/ Stages of female hair loss - The stages of female hair loss can be classified in 3 main stages by the Ludwig Classification chart. Read here how female hair loss can be reverted.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/female-hair-loss-faqs/ Female Hair Loss Frequently Asked Questions - Read here the most frequently asked questions about female hair loss. There are several reasons why women lose hair.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/hair-transplant-journey/ Hair Transplant Journey - Hair Transplant Journey - At Therapie Hair Restoration, we believe in being with you every step of the way, from consultation right through to your treatment and ensuring the best possible outcome for you.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/lifetime-care-promise/ High Quality Hair Transplant - At Therapie Hair Restoration we provide a hair transplant lifetime guarantee for our patients. Call 1890 202 203 for a private and confidential consultation.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/follicle-unit-extraction-fue-technique/ Fue Hair Transplant - Dublin, Ireland (Follicle Unit Extraction) - One of the most popular hair transplants is the fue hair transplant technique (Follicle Unit Extraction Unit). More about this technique in Dublin here...
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/beard-transplant/ Beard Transplant Options in Ireland - Beard transplant is one of the several available hair transplant solution at Therapie Hair Restoration.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/follicle-unit-transplant-or-strip-surgery-futs/ Fut Hair Transplant - Dublin, Ireland (Follicular Unit Transplant) - Follicular Unit Transplantation, also known as FUT hair transplant technique is one of the procedures available at Therapie Hair Restoration, Dublin Ireland.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/eyebrow-transplant/ Eyebrow Hair Transplant - Eyebrow hair transplant is one of the several hair transplant options at Therapie Hair Restoration in Ireland.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/hair-transplant-combination-technique/ Hair Transplant Combination Technique Explained - There are certain hair restoration situations that will require a hair transplant combination technique, using both FUE and FUT techniques.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/eyelash-transplant-surgery/ Eyelash Transplant Surgery | Therapie Hair Restoration - Therapie Hair Restoration offers eyelash transplant surgery in Dublin, Ireland. For a personalised consultation call us today on 1890 202 203.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/scar-rectification/ Scar Rectification Treatment in Ireland - Lack of hair on scarred skin can now be restored with scar rectification treatment available in Ireland at Therapie Hair Restoration.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/hairline-lowering-surgery/ Hairline Lowering Surgery | Therapie Hair Restoration - Excessive high forehead can affect the balance of facial features. Hairline lowering surgery can restore the balance. Contact us today to find out more.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/hair-transplant-photos/ Hair Transplant Photos - You can see here our patient hair transplant photos, before and months after their procedure. Call Therapie Hair Restoration today on 1890 202 203.
  • http://www.therapiehairrestoration.com/pricing/ Hair Transplant Cost - Hair Restoration Cost - At Therapie Hair Restoration the average hair transplant requires 1,500 – 2,500 follicles at a cost starting from €4 per graft. For high quality hair transplants at an affordable price contact Therapie Hair Restoration.

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    I wish I could use it for under eye darkness as well as upper lid puffiness. Nothing can help my deep smile lines at the corners of my eyes. :) I guess they just tell everyone my sense of humor is a good one.