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Fraser Hale - "Dr. Fraser Hale is a veterinary dentist practicing in Guelph, Ontario; he is a fully-qualified specialist, with his services available by referral from your veterinarian"

Country:, North America, CA

City: -80.2649 Ontario, Canada

  • Broken - Pros and Cons - You Decide

    Most reviews of this mouse seem to be on one end of the spectrum or the other. People either love it or hate it.

  • RonL - So much potential. Maybe a software update is needed?

    So much potential. Maybe a software update will fix some things? I mean, it really is a cute idea - seriously, but there are enough drawbacks that it is going back to Amazon for a refund:

  • Kristi Lyons - Wonderful for cleaning face!!

    I love this product. Great for bedtime clean off skin. You put in on initially without water then clean it off (don't know where that other person read that you don't use it as a rinse).

  • craftymatt - Feels like you're not wearing a helmet

    Very light, fantastic airflow. With my old helmet (cheap department store helmet) my hair would get pretty caked with sweat on a hot day, but with this one my head stays cool and dry.

  • Mary S - Fantastic 5 Star Essential Oil Set

    This is such a great Set of Therapeutic Grade Essential oils. This set has a very good variety of oils that are perfect for starting out and or adding to your own collection. They are a good size 10ml bottles that hold a good amount of oil. They are very nicely lined up in the box with easy to read labels. These would make a great gift for someone and or gifting yourself, which I tend to do a lot.

  • Philip Velazquez - Works great, highly recommend.

    I found this product to do exactly what it described. I took 3 pills about a half hour before every meal, and noticed i would eat less and stay fuller longer. In addition to proper diet and exercise, I lost the weight I aimed for and then some. I found it to work so good at appetite suppression that I continue to take it before meals even now.