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  • Hunter Berg - Midnight Nightmare

    I usually don't write these things, but now felt beyond compelled. McCartney/Pizzarelli... surely, you'd expect greatness from such a pairing? Alas, you're left with a permeating feeling of animosity upon listening to this. I used to be a big fan of both McCartney and Pizzarelli (key words here being "used to,") yet fail to see why the latter would devote time, money, and risk his reputation to cover mediocre songs from the former's formidable, if varied, output. McCartney's clearly lost his golden touch (and mind). If you disagree, look up the shooting game music video that he made, "Hope for the future." I beg to differ, Sir Paul - there is none, if this is in fact what we're being served. On "Midnight McCartney" Pizzarelli is joined by a team of fine musicians (sans Molaskey, who doesn't even warrant any credit besides perhaps ominous "mascot"), and I'm consequently surprised by the seemingly uninspired performances, less than imaginative arrangements, and overall smooth-jazz aesthetic. Nevermind the fact that Pizzarelli-McDonald is the single most embarrassing duet since Sinatra-Dagmar (not counting Molaskey and Pizzarelli's appearances at The Carlyle), I expected Pizzarelli to at least give these pedestrian tunes his signature classy, witty and swingin' spin, but what's left is nothing more than elevator music, and an extremely annoying type at that. I suspect this is courtesy of Molaskey, who gargles on background vocals throughout, displaying the personality, musicality and conviction of a wet carrot. It's a shame that an artist like John, who is truly singular as a purveyor of the Great American Songbook, lowers himself in this way. It's tempting to dub it "Midnight McDonald's," for the caliber of the contents would thus be more in line with the title. I, for one, am saddened and disappointed, and want a refund, all the same. This burger had way too much cheese. Besides - the order was for a steak.

  • Kaitlyn Conway - Amazing results

    Have only used it twice but have already dramatic results. Far more comfortable than other teeth whitening devices I have used, and the gel didn't burn my gums at all. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone.

  • John Murdie - Amazing!

    I took it out of the package and simply followed the built in compass and it took me to the missing Malaysian airliner!

  • Terry I. - Convoluted Registration Process

    I just upgraded from the 2003 version because I have a new computer with Windows 7 and my previous version, although it met my needs, seemed like it was old enough to get a newer version.

  • Donna Crehan - amazing

    I love this app very much and play it on every long car ride I take, absolutely love it, and will probably never delete it!