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  • Amazon Customer - IT REALLY WORKS!

    I have tried several things to boost my milk supply...even the Mother's Milk hot tea. The tea helped, but this supplement works even better! I highly recommend it for moms who need to boost their breastmilk production.

  • Amazon Customer - It really works!!

    This product is amazing. Not only does it taste good unlike other products that taste terrible. It really work!! I wasn't producing enough milk so I tried everything you can think of and I came across this product by luck. I tried it and after the first week I was making more milk than my baby could drink. It is amazing!!

  • Amazon Customer - This drink is legit!!

    Let me just say I was so nervous reading the reviews for it not working for some people but it worked for me. I was a smoker for about 6 years haven't been clean since. Needed to take a urine test for a job so I quit smoking 72 hours prior to the test. I drank plenty of water during the 72 hours. On the morning of the test I had one glass of water proceeded to drink Qcarbo immediately after which was 8am. Took me about 10 minutes to drink. I then filled the bottle back up with water and chugged it. I urinated about 5 times during the first hour. Drank one bottle of water about 30 minutes before the test, took the test at 11:30am and passed. I tested my self when I got home about 12:40 and was still clean. Yes the taste isn't the best but if you pinch your nostrils while drinking it's not so bad. I would definitely use this again! I now have one in my glove box ready for use.

  • Mommyx2 - Great game

    My 7 year old son and husband both love this game and have been playing ever since my son opened it on christmas day. The graphics are really good.

  • Andrew A Watts - Thought provoking, but with some big assumptions

    Collins does a great job of displaying the direct results of leadership decisions and character on big business. The book is insightful and well written. There are several assumptions however, for instance: that the reader's desire is to build a big business like Nucor or Walgreens. The book also assumes that the corporate climate of the last 50 or so years will continue into the future. The basic premise of the book seems to be passionate non-diversification. I think this book is helpful but should be balanced with a counter-perspective such as Tom Peters' "Re-imagine." The right answer is likely a little of both.

  • BeckBoo2 - Great Bike

    The bike was mostly put together when i received it. All i had to do was put the wheels, handle bars, pedals and seat on. Easy enough i think, only took an hour. The only thing i had a little trouble with was adjusting the break line. It is a pretty light bike in my opinion, im a 5'3 girl and i can carry it up and down my stairs. im overall happy with my purchase

  • Here's to Not Peaking in High School - my favorite leave-in conditioner

    I'd asked my stylist how to prevent brittle split ends from forming so quickly after my cuts, and he recommended this product. I love it. It is thick but not greasy and doesn't weigh down even my fine hair. He recommended applying after towel drying and rubbing through the ends, up to but not over the scalp. And it really has made a difference in terms of shine, texture, and preventing split ends.