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VA Tech Center for Drug Discovery | Virginia Tech - MissionThe mission of the Virginia Tech Center for Drug Discovery (VTCDD) is:To advance the growth and stature of drug discovery and delivery research at Virginia Tech.To assist VT faculty members initiate basic and applied drug discovery and delivery research.To foster a dynamic environment that promotes the recruitment of high quality faculty and studentsTo vigorously pursue continuing education and economic growth through outreach activities with industry and government agencies.

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  • Donald S. Meng - Amazing TV well worth the price.

    I didn't think I'd ever be writing a review for a TV when I seldom write reviews here on Amazon but I'm very pleased with this TV so here goes. My first HDTV was a cheaper Samsung 3D plasma TV I paid the same amount for as I did for this TV. I was never impressed with the picture quality and wondered what all the hoopla was over HDTV's. I ruined that TV when cleaning it with Windex which left streaks in it, Oops. I'm disabled and store shopping was out of the question so Amazon is where I shop. After several weeks of reading reviews I settled on this curved Samsung LED TV. Wow, I finally understand what all of the hoopla's about. A stunning picture with numerous settings to tweak with. My Blu-Ray player had all the apps I needed and I wasn't interested in a smart TV. One of the best features on this TV is the app selection and the ability to add more. It has 3 HDMI connections, 2 USB connections and one optical if you want to run your audio through you receiver. Through one of the USB slots you can hook up a keyboard, a nice feature if you decide to use it. Anyway it would be hard to go wrong when purchasing this TV. For anyone interested I provided the Samsung link with all of the specifications on it. I would highly recommend this TV to anyone.

  • Amazon Customer - For the price, you can't beat them. They ...

    For the price, you can't beat them. They fly straight and true... and don't cost an arm and a leg when they don't! Very visable in flgiht and in the grass.

  • Amazon Customer - Wanted the extra features

    Google Maps, Bing maps, etc. just don't have all the features this software has. I like it for route planning and adding stops is really easy. Also like the excel import feature for when I have a long list of addresses. I downloaded the trial version from Microsoft and for whatever reason it was cheaper ordering the physical DVD-ROM over a digital download and entering the serial number from it to the trial to activate it.

  • Jim Nance - ... weight lifting and so I was looking for a good fenugreek powder to mix with my protein shakes when ...

    I am into weight lifting and so I was looking for a good fenugreek powder to mix with my protein shakes when i came across this product. The taste is decent, like koolaid, but it doesn't seem to have much fenugreek. I could probably deal with the very sweet taste this product has if it contained more fenugreek but it is listed as the third ingredient in the blend of herbs! I have used it for 10 days now and don't really feel like this has been effective.

  • Amazon Customer - Salesmen

    Almost all of these reviews are made by Organo salesmen so take them with a grain of salt, any Coffee forum will you tell you this stuff is garbage so buyer beware.

  • Colleen Cooper - Your guests will never know!

    For a vegan, soy free, GMO free, gluten free product???? It is amazing, and there is no other that I have yet discovered. I just bought the mozzarella blend and made vegan artichoke and spinach dip with it, and my guests could not tell the difference! I have used it on pizza, and for lasagna, and it worked really well. My next challenge is breakfast burritos to see if my family can taste a difference. I am betting they won't. As someone who enjoys real cheese and dairy, this is pretty darn close to the real thing.