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  • jacki l - made my hair start falling out

    I bought this because it smelled so good but after using it my hair was not soft but I decided I'd use the rest as not to waste it. After a few weeks more hair than usual started coming out when I brushed it and it kept getting worse, I threw the rest away and went to a different brand, after a month it was back to normal. Two years later I smelled the pomogranate one and thought o maybe it was a fluke and tried it again but the same thing happened again. I am currently using the rest to shave my legs, I don't mind losing that hair.

  • Leroy (Lee) McDowell - Great Product

    Have been using for about 1 week. The first couple days I had what seemed like flu symptoms which is pretty normal for me during detoxing. From this I'm assuming the cleanse is doing job. I'll write more at the end of the 30 days.

  • Jeff Carson - Definitely worth a five star rating!

    Clearly a very eye opening read! I knew the government was corrupt but this takes to a whole new level. Learned a lot about how everyone ties together and the hate amongst the Obamas and Clintons. The detail of the email scandal is really explained here. Scary path our country is headed down if Hilary wins this election!

  • Anne G. - Works, but DOESN'T LAST!!!

    This thing works great. Sadly, it doesn't last long. I went through two of them. Used each an average of 2-3 times/week, chilling soda cans. First one lasted about two years. Company sold me a replacement for about $40. Replacement lasted about the same length of time. I contacted them again. After the cost of sending my unit in to examine, and their 'discounted' cost to replace it, I decided it wasn't worth it. Too bad, because the thing works great. They just flat aren't built to last, however. Back to the cubed ice and water to chill the cans. Takes a bit longer, but better than the pain of an unreliable product.