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  • Viram - Nothing new, better to wait for Game Change pt. 2

    If you followed the 2012 election closely, you won't get much from this book. It is a very close rehash, with little additional insight, of the events from mid-2011 through November 2012. Better to wait for the Heilemann / Halperin sequel.

  • medicdr - Has everything you need

    This book is great I am definitely happy that I purchased it! All my questions were answered I receive the info needed to prepare myself for the CPC exam. I was very nervous before I got this book, as the instruction I'd received prior had left me with a lot of unanswered questions. I have more clarity about the material. This book can save you thousands of dollars if you are interested in Medical Coding.

  • Fab&Fit Mama - A couple of sprays of this product (only a little is required) and his frizzy hair turns into beautiful soft curls

    This product lives up to its name "Miracle". Purchased for my son who has really curly hair that is prone to dryness and frizz. A couple of sprays of this product (only a little is required) and his frizzy hair turns into beautiful soft curls. And it smells great! Sometime I will dilute this with water, I will put half product with half water in an empty spray bottle and it still works great while using less product.