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Wilmington Health - Wilmington Health has provided premier healthcare to the residents of Southeastern North Carolina for over 40 years. It is the largest private, fully integrated, multi-specialty medical group practice in the area. Learn more about Wilmington Health.

  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/know-comparison There’s Really kNOw Comparison. | Wilmington Health - At Wilmington Health, we’re leading the charge locally on higher quality, lower cost healthcare, and we look forward to other healthcare providers and organizations to join us in making our community healthier both physically and financially.
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/wait-times Wait Times | Wilmington Health - At Wilmington Health, we want to make our patients' lives a little easier, so we're posting wait times for our Convenient Care, Pediatric Convenient Care, and Urgent Care locations.
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/patients Patients | Wilmington Health - At Wilmington Health, our patients are our top priority. Find out what to expect when you visit Wilmington Health.
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/patients/accepted-health-plans Accepted Health Plans | Wilmington Health - For insurance inquires concerning your coverage please refer to the number on the back of your insurance card. Find out what payor organizations we work with!
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/patients/new-patient-registration New Patient Registration | Wilmington Health - Would you like to save time at your visit with Wilmington Health? Find out how you can download and complete the necessary forms for your upcoming trip.
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/patients/patient-bill-of-rights Patient Bill of Rights | Wilmington Health - Good healthcare delivery depends upon the cooperative relationship between you and your physician, as well as between you and the Clinic. Learn about your rights as a patient.
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/patient-portal Patient Healthcare Communication | Wilmington Health - Wilmington Health is excited to offer our patients a safe, convenient way to communicate and engage in your healthcare through the Wilmington Health Patient Portal.
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/patient/patient-satisfaction-scores Patient Satisfaction Scores | Wilmington Health - At Wilmington Health, we actually measure patient satisfaction by asking our patients. Our patient satisfaction survey is conducted by a third-party research firm to assure that we are getting the most accurate feedback available.View our results!
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/patient/notice-of-privacy-practices Notice of Privacy Practices | Wilmington Health - Learn how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information.
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/patients/records-forms Records and Forms | Wilmington Health - Do you need to request your medical records? Find out how you can download and complete the necessary forms.
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/patients/support-groups Support Groups | Wilmington Health - Wilmington Health recognizes the importance of support groups in the management of disease. View a list of local support groups.
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/service/family-medicine Family Medicine | Wilmington Health - Our family medicine providers are here to meet the comprehensive healthcare needs of all your family members.We offer care in 5 locations in the Wilmington area. In addition, we have offices in Hampstead, Jacksonville, Carolina Beach, Leland, and Oak Island. Find an office in your neighborhood!
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/service/internal-medicine Internal Medicine | Wilmington Health - Our internal medicine team diagnoses and treats illness in adults. In addition, our providers will attend to your primary healthcare needs including regular health examinations, preventive services, and addressing acute illnesses as they come up. Get to know our providers and locate an office near you!
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/service/ob-gyn OB/GYN | Wilmington Health - Our OB/GYN team delivers quality care and advice for women from puberty through adulthood. Our board certified physicians will focus on your total health and well-being. Learn more about our practice and providers!
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/service/pediatrics Pediatrics | Wilmington Health - We make it a priority to offer quality convenient care for our patients. We will partner with you to achieve optimum health for your child. Our team includes several board certified physicians dedicated to serving you and your family at one of our three locations including offices in North Chase, Brunswick Forest, and on Silver Stream Lane. Learn how you can schedule an appointment today.
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/service/perennial-care Perennial Care | Wilmington Health - This program was created to provide a higher level of healthcare services to our Medicare patients who suffer from two or more chronic conditions that are expected to last for the next 12 months.
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/service/ambulatory-surgery-center Ambulatory Surgery Center | Wilmington Health - We are currently developing information regarding the following: Services Available Check-In Policy Patients' Rights and Responsibilities Financial Assistance Policies
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/service/audiology Audiology | Wilmington Health - Receive the highest quality of care from our audiologists! Our audiology team will provide you with services to meet your hearing healthcare needs. They evaluate, diagnose, treat, and manage hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance disorders in newborns, children, and adults. View more information about our practice and find a location near you.
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/service/cardiology Cardiology | Wilmington Health - Maintain your heart health by visiting one of our cardiologist! Our cardiology team provides comprehensive care for heart and vascular disease. Using the latest in non-invasive imaging technology, we can make rapid and accurate diagnoses. Find a provider and office in your area.
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/service/clinical-pharmacy Clinical Pharmacy | Wilmington Health - There are fewer than 200 prescribing pharmacists in the nation and Wilmington Health is proud to offer this unique service to our customers. Learn more about our pharmacist practitioner and how you can get your prescriptions filled here!
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/service/clinical-research Clinical Research | Wilmington Health - Wanting to participate in a clinical trial? We will take every factor into consideration before recommending our patients participation in cutting edge medical research. Learn more about our trials and how you can be considered.
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/service/dermatology Dermatology | Wilmington Health - Receive quality care for all your skin problems when you visit our board-certified dermatologists and specialized nurse practitioners. Find a location near you and learn how you can schedule an appointment.
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/service/diabetes-education Diabetes Education | Wilmington Health - Understanding the many ways to control your blood sugars is vital to living a full & healthy life. Let our physicians, nurse diabetes educators, and nutritionists help you manage diabetes. Meet our diabetes team and find an office near you!
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/service/ear-nose-and-throat1 Ear, Nose, and Throat | Wilmington Health - Our board certified physicians treat patients of all ages in ENT. We manage the treatment of hearing loss, ear infections, balance disorders, ringing in the ear, and nerve pain. In addition, we perform placement of tubes, tympanoplasty, stapedectomy, and other surgeries. View our providers and offices.
  • https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/service/endocrinology Endocrinology | Wilmington Health - Our dedicated providers treat and help you manage diabetes, obesity, thyroid disease, reproduction/infertility disorders, and other conditions. We welcome patients 18 years of age or older. Visit an office near you!

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  • Candy Bertrand - can't stand it

    Quick books for Mac is not user friendly. When I transferred it over from Window's I had to call the support line because it did not work like it said it should. Then the lady who I could barely understand because she didn't speak english well told me that this call would be free but if I had to call anymore after for support I would have to pay for it or I could set up a monthly payment and call anytime I want. Not cool. I've used quickbooks for Window's for a few years and it was very user friendly. Quickbooks for Mac almost made me bring my entire MAC back to the Apple Store. I'm used to it now but still prefer Quickbooks for Window's. I'm even considering switching to another finance program.

  • Inspirational but a little nutty... or maybe not? see end... - Inspirational but a little nutty... or maybe not? see end...

    See end of post for an edit.* The story of what happened with the diagnosis of cancer and interactions with the doctors is good and inspirational - keep your own control/don't give into the medical establishment. Some of the specific advice is a little nutty, though. I saw someone else's review question the coffee enemas as we have also. It's just not really practical to try to implement things like that AND the theory behind it is wrong. The two week vegetable drink fast has faulty reasoning that simply defies a logical assessment of the situation (according to biology as I studied it). I am all for going on your own path and not buying into the medical establishment completely, BUT it's not a logical deduction. So, buy it for some inspiration, NOT for a true "battle plan" because not only is the plan outrageous to do (several enemas a week - maybe even a day), it's not a biologically logical approach to beating the cancer.

  • Brooke M. Zielinski - best game on kindle

    It is fun and its also hard having to get all the money to upgrade my guns because you have to get all these upgrades to beat other harder levels.