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  • AMMcbride - This is the best router I have used

    This is the best router I have used. Setup is fairly simple. I had a small problem getting the satellite to sync but it did eventually did after hitting the rysnc button and rebooting. The router has 3 wan ports and the satellite has 4. Speed are very fast. My previous wifi would freeze and buffer. I tried powerline adapters that worked but would get out of sync or become inoperable. I tired moca adapters that worked but one cable provider told me they were incompatible with their system. This router solved the problem. I get very fast speeds on all devices and excellent wifi everywhere in my 4100 sq ft house. I get access in my yard and in my neighbors yard. In fact, my signal is stronger than my neighbors in his yard. I have over 50 devises on the network and all work very well. It is worth the price and you will spend a lot more buying other devices to compensate for poor wifi. This device give you everything. Fast speed over the wifi! Guest network is not available yet but Netgear says it will be hear by the end of 2016. I have fios and it works with their router. This router has an AP mode that lets you connect it to an existing router. All I had to do was disable wifi on my fios router and this works great without interrupting guide, on demand or dvr service. If I change providers, this will take over as the primary router. I rarely give a product 5 stars and this one definitely earned it.

  • Sheila - Put a lot of hope in product. Don't buy it!

    I was planning on ordering this from Amazon, but happened to find it at Walgreens for $19. I always check reviews before I buy at Amazon but hadn't in this case. I moved into an older house and can not yet afford to replace sink and tub. They are not gross like the on the commercial, but I would be happier. I was really excited to have them look nicer (for me! Not others) and hoping to help my finances. Did not work at all. It has a strong chemical small and I had to watch my breathing. Afterwards smells great. But if I would have just wanted a nice smell I would have cleaned with my air freshener. Don't buy it!