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The Women\'s Med Center - Abortion clinics in Cincinnati & Dayton, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana. Nationally recognized and referred-to for late-term care through 24 weeks.

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  • Victoria J. - A must-have college guide

    Great book. Comprehensive and well organized. It was full of useful information and presented it in a very easy to understand fashion.

  • sciencegrad - What an improvement!

    I am a grad student in the sciences, and I have to use the Office suite pretty much every day. I've been using Office 2004 for about 6 years, putting up with the quirks because I couldn't stand Office 2007 and I didn't want to upgrade. I finally decided to give 2011 a try, and what an incredible improvement. The user interface is so much better, and the program runs so much more smoothly with my operating system (OSX). I can tell already, just from a few uses, that the demand on my processor is much smaller. This is a much more elegant software package that I would highly recommend to any Mac user that needs Office to interface with the PC world.

  • Jane D. - This spray works

    My home became infected with bedbugs. I ordered the Harris Bed Bug Spray along with Diatomaceous Earth. I sprayed bed the frame, mattress, dresser drawers around doors, door frame and everywhere I could spray and at the same time I sprinkled the Diatomaceous Earth on all floors and waited 2 weeks and sprayed again. You can clean up the Diatomaceous Earth within three days. I sprinkled Diatomaceous Earth on floors, counter tops, on books, in dresser drawers, you can even place clothing in plastic bags and sprinkle it into the bag onto the clothing and leave for 3 days. Be sure and let the Diatomaceous Earth stay down for 3 days. When dealing with bedbugs you have to kill the bug and the eggs. The eggs can lay around for months until there is warmth, then they will hatch. It's not the bug that's transported into your home, its the eggs. You can pick up bed bug eggs simply by sitting on the train, bus, car or chair or behind someone who has bedbugs in their home. I have heard exterminators say they found bedbugs in their vehicles after treating customers home. The eggs are the culprit because they can be transported undetected to your home or elsewhere on your clothing. Nonetheless, the Harris Bed Bug Spray and the Diatomaceous Earth resolved my bed bug problem. Thanks soooo much. I recommend this product to anyone with a bed bugs. Just remember, you have to be smarter than a bed bug, (and persistent).