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  • sung park - the shoes arrived on scheduled delivery date. EXCEPT it ...

    the shoes arrived on scheduled delivery date. EXCEPT it has white stain on it. and price tag says"$190.00" which i paid 213 dollar for this one.

  • ComputerHabit - So good a 5 year old can do it!

    I've dabbled with guitar, had lessons and played a little but was never very good and lost interest after learning only a few chords of a song. I've had the game one week. I'm now able to play 4 of the songs on the list. Not perfectly but it's such a great feeling to finally 'get' it. Reading tablature never did the song justice and was confusing. The way the music is presented is almost like streaming music right to your brain.

  • Slarivet - Good Stuff

    This is the best diaper rash cream I have found, and does as promised, reducing redness in 1 application. It also comes off easily with baby wipes, unlike other products that have to be scrubbed off. The 1 pound jar is a dream, it stays right with my son's diaper changing paraphernalia and will last a wonderfully long time - and somehow seems less clumsy to use than the tube.

  • W. Heatwole - Good Treadmill

    Purchased the Sole F80 2009 model for Christmas. Arrived in good shape and was not hard to assemble. My son has been running everyday, me about 3 times a week and wife several times a week. It has been easy on the joints, is quite in operation an so far working great.

  • Paulber - Easy to install about 10 minutes

    Works as described. Used my kayak racks and all went well. Easy to install about 10 minutes ,but was surprised that lock washers were not included in the hardware kit.

  • JazzFan 007 - Not Random at All!

    On page 342, i found my birthdate, 021078, while on page 134 i found my first address, 1390. My age, 34 occurs over 120 times, including on the FIRST PAGE, and the last 4 digits of my telephone number, 5692 are on page 5. My father was born in 1943, which is a combination of digits that is repeated constantly throughout this book. My girlfriend is 4 years younger than me, and the number 4 occurs THOUSANDS of times in this book.

  • Annemarie B. Mcnamara - Fantastic

    This is one of the best products out there. I have had issues with sleeping, anxiety an irritability an stomach issues with the onset of menopause. Started taking this a week ago an started feeling better immediately. I have had vitamin deficiencies in the past but never realized how it impacted my life. Natural calm has helped me a great deal. I highly recommend it!