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  • Dan C - Welcome Back Peachtree

    I used to like both Quicken and Quickbooks. The constant changes to both programs became too much of nusiance. I used Peachtree Complete 2004, but when I upgraded my computer, which of course became Vista then WIndows 7, I couldn't use the program anymore. I decided to try Quickbooks 2009. Learning a new program, which required more updates, and trying to convert files from Peachtree to Quickbooks was a task in itself. As such, I decided to go back to Peachtree. I'm glad I did, because I was able to use all of my files from 2004, and go right to work. Now I need replace Quicken.

  • Tami - My all time favorite show, that I am hooked on.

    This is my favorite show. I love it and I can't stopping watching it. They show very good stories, it's integrating, and edge o your seat thrilling. Can't wait to see the next episode.

  • Robert Vincent - Satisfied

    fit perfectly and was the manufacturer's suggested replacement part. Now I have ice! Very prompt with shipping and very detailed explanations of the product offered

  • Joan Sutton - no colds since Juice Plus

    I've only been using Juice Plus for about 6 weeks. Usually, I come down with a lot of colds quite often. Since taking Juice Plus, I've had no colds, and I believe I've fought off several by increasing the dosage.

  • J. Neff - Frustrated with this item.

    I got this charger about two weeks ago. I read most of the reviews and figured this was the charger for me.

  • Kelly A Pavlot - TOO MANY UNANSWERED scenarios in the rules

    Can a "7" get 2 pawns out of start? Can FIRE replace ICE? Can ICE replace FIRE? ICE rules say you MUST move...FIRE says you MAY move...if you choose to not move the FIRE ring do you still get to move your pawn the 2 spaces? Can a pawn receive the FIRE before it gets out of START? Overall it is a good twist on a classic game, I am just a stickler for rules so these scenarios caused a lot of doubt and took away some of the fun of the game.