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City: 11.0683 Bavaria, Germany

  • T.lewis - intresting product

    I dont regret trying the product but I cant say id reorder it either. Its very silky when u put it on which is nice. Its kinda like a very light foundation your putting on your face. Very natural. so natural in fact you may not see a difference. not sure how much people in the infomercial was putting on their faces but the more u put on the more cakey it looks. Its a nice product tho if your simply looking for a slight tanner/foundation for your face

  • jeff baptie - While it is easy to install

    I have no idea what the rest of the reviewers consider quality, but this part, while it says Mopar, obviously came from China considering shipping time and packing material. Maybe I received something different than everyone else. While it is easy to install, it does not fit well. It is loose and has gaps between the rim and the body of the Jeep. I would highly recommend not purchasing from this vendor.

  • Tracy Richardson - enzymes

    I don't think these really do anything. Taking an enzyme only once a day and at night doesn't seem effective. Enzymes should be taken with the meals themselves.

  • Fletch from the West - nice golf bag - good features

    I am very pleased with this bag - well built and ideal features for me. Perfect size for hand cart or ride on cart. I think it will last and take the wear of clubs going in and out without breaking down like my last bag.

  • Amazon Customer - warning

    Purchased a Dinair Pro Kit 12/06/12. Compressor failed approximately 5 months later. Customer service was fairly good and replaced with a new updated compressor. Warning, the airbrush itself does NOT have a warranty only the compressor. Compressor still works great but my airbrush stopped working and will cost $25.00 to return the airbrush for deep cleaning and repair with replacement if needed. They did offer to walk thru a cleaning by phone but that is not the problem. What appears as the problem is a seal breakdown at the tip just inside the tip cap that is causing the air brush to back bubble only. I have kept mine in wet dock between uses as instructed by Dinair videos. I can see charging $25 for cleaning but a refund of the $25 dollars would be nice if it is truley an airbrush failure.

  • David Block - Nice... but keep a closed mouth and an open mind

    A very light pleasant smell, invigorating (although whether that is from the Splash or the patting, I'm not sure), and no greasy accumulation to block your pores. This is a much more acceptable way to apply witch hazel than using a Tucks pad - which always got a smirk from my sweetie. What does she know, I ask you?