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  • E. Zweiger - Not enough hours in the day

    Extremely slow process. If trying to do toe nails, your legs will cramp up before you see any progress at all. But. I have some weird ones that get bloody if clipped so I have grind away on those. So somewhat useful.

  • Henry U. - Not just another theological treatise - thank God!

    Preach it, Brother Mike and Brother Richard! Feels like I am (finally!) on my way home after years of following narrow paths. Love the format - great for a daily reading. So much strength in single sentences and ideas. "God's joyous unveiling as Trinity can melt even the most hardened constrictions, illuminating the way toward a fourfold re-union of Spirit, self, society, and sense of peace." Bravo!

  • Archibald Tuttle - Learn to XBMC

    Guess what? You probably already own an amazing machine that will connect you to thousands if not millions of media options! It's called a computer. You can't use a Rabbit TV without one, but you can sure use one without a Rabbit TV. This thing is less than worthless. Google XBMC. Watch a tutorial on YouTube to learn how to set it up. If you can figure it out, you have at your disposal a much more diverse and functional media solution than Rabbit TV, and you don't have to give anybody 8 bucks.

  • Yet another Whitney - what i can tell you is that this is my second Samsung (the other lives on in another room) and they make amazing TVs. This one

    I'm not an audiofile or a telepfile or any sort of expert. I can't give you any tech talk, what i can tell you is that this is my second Samsung (the other lives on in another room) and they make amazing TVs. This one, with the worlds most SIMPLE remote, is my favorite yet. I dont know who would be unhappy. Huge fan.

  • Father of Four - Not impressed

    I really don't like the changes between Office 2010 and Office 2013. Office 2013 has a strange interface for opening and saving files, and sometimes it freezes up. Older versions never did that. I wish I could exchange mine for Office 2010. I asked Microsoft and they said I had no downgrade rights. What a shame. Just like Windows 7 to Windows 8, Office 2010 to 2013 is a disappointment since they broke a perfectly good interface.

  • Sisa B. - Very effective Grow Light.

    This product works well . My plants are growing at a healthy rate and look fantastic. LED Grow light technology is getting a lot better. My electric bills are down which is always nice to see.