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  • Boone - Xbox one a winner!!

    I ordered this on June 18th I believe so I've been patiently waiting month after month, on the 21st my Xbox had shipped and I didn't sleep the night I was way to excited for it to arrive. Friday morning came and I was in my couch looking out the window every time my dogs barked, finally at 11:30am it arrived. The Box is beautiful the controller is beautiful and the console is beautiful, I have madden 25 and Dead rising 3 to play, I have yet to encounter any trouble I love this console, it's perfect in its own way I couldn't be more happy. The graphics are amazing, I love how I can pause the game and go to Xbox home and do whatever I want and go right back to where I left off.

  • James D. Miller - Not as random as the first edition

    This is the second edition of the book. The first edition didn't sell well because all of the randomly chosen numbers turned out to be exactly the same. The authors argued that a true random number generator could indeed generate a million identical numbers, and the fact that the authors would try to publish something that seemed so un-random proved their intellectual integrity and hence the randomness of their identical numbers. Still, the public rejected the first edition proving that consumers of random numbers are far more interested in the appearance of randomness than in actual randomness. As a consequence, for this second edition the authors carefully selected numbers that readers would be sure to perceive as random. So sadly this book represents yet another example of how striving for marketplace success corrupts the intellectual integrity of authors.

  • Mary - Great read!

    Loved this book please make it audible asap. I can't wait till the next book is released. Only the strong survive

  • Pookie - This book has a lot of info to read. ...

    This book has a lot of info to read. You have to cut your sugar and carb intake. This book will give you a lot of ideas to use but, it's up to you to change your eating habits. If your looking for short cuts you will not find them in a book or diet. It takes a life style change in what and how much you eat!!!

  • Einsatz - When More is Less

    As a person who loves disaster flicks I was so looking forward to seeing this latest entry from director Roland Emmerich (especially since I already have most of his films in my collection). I'm sorry to say I didn't add this one to it.

  • moondogie - it worked for me.

    I'm 65 years old and my hair is white with fine texture. I wanted to have younger feeling hair that was easier to manage. I love this product. It really made a difference in the feel and look of my hair. It worked for me.

  • A to Z - Not sure yet

    A lot of the reviews i read states they spray this and soon they find a bunch of dead roaches. I never did quite experience this. I mainly concentrated my efforts in the kitchen then dinning room and finally living room but i sprayed about 70% of the bottle in the kitchen over a period of few days. I did notice after the 2nd application i saw more roaches visibly wandering about. I would then step or kill them with the broom. I then did nothing for the next few days and decided for a 3rd application. Right now there isnt much left in the can maybe about 5-6 more sprays left. Still no visible corpses (maybe 3-4). Its now right around the 2 week mark since first application. Although i havent seen many dead roaches i have noticed a drop of live roach sightings. This is especially true when given the light test. Turning off the kitchen and dinning room light off for a few minutes then turning them back on. Not sure if they are going back to their nests and dying there or they simply scattered to new hiding spots. Might wait a few more days before deciding on buying another can or going a different route.