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  • jairster - Seems to work but . . .

    I have almost finished my 1st bottle and my hair loss has slowed considerably. I have been using other products along with this so I can't give full credit to this. Also, I do experience some itching daily (I believe I'm allergic to the milk thistle). The new bottle I just received also has less of the 'proprietary blend" then my 1st bottle. Went from 1650 down to 1500 mg. Disappointing how companies nowadays give less value and the consumer gets the short end; and you don't find out unless you do your own research. (seems to happen more all the time).

  • Claire Veade - Has To Be Used Correctly

    The dryness that people are complaining about is most likely due to the fact they are using the shampoo without the conditioner. The conditioner is a MUST! And you have to leave it in for the 1-2 minutes the bottle suggests before rinsing. The shampoo cleans pretty deep and like a lot of products it works best with it's companion conditioner.

  • Inigo Montoya - A must-have for Men's grooming

    This is definitely a great product, it does exactly as advertised and removes hair from anywhere. ANYWHERE. No questions asked. But please, for the love of God, read and practice the instructions very carefully. I recommend applying it to one small area first, then see how it works for you (and also check to make sure your skin doesn't hate it.) Then use the recommended times on the bottle as well.

  • twinkiltoes - Not your mama's Dippity Doo!

    Ok I'm white with fine hair slightly wavy. It is damaged from getting it foiled and is frizzy. I thought this was just a styling gel and I like making curls with my flat iron. I also bought Knot today. So I used the knot today then I used this, then I blow dried my hair and my hair was soft and not frizzy, it looks great!

  • Amazon Customer - Super cute shoes!

    I normally like to buy shoes at the department store where I can try them on prior to purchase so I was a bit on the skeptic side when I ordered these. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived though! My shoe size is 6.5 and didn't hesitate to order a 6.5 and was very glad they fit perfectly. They're super comfortable, I have yet to take them on a jog. I've only wore them to school where I do a lot of walking around campus and they don't hurt my feet or anything, I'll wear them for maybe 6-8 hours and feel as comfortable as ever in these. Very happy with my purchase and they're so cute too!