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  • Amazon Customer - It's super exciting! It works pretty well so far

    Just got my bracelet! It's super exciting! It works pretty well so far. It happened in one set out of 2 workouts where it counted funny for me, as if it got confused with my movements. But overall i am pretty amazed at this technique, and i am pretty satisfied. The 7+ minute workout did make me feel my muscles immediately, and i am not completely out of shape...

  • Chris - It has a divider and works great!

    This bag is great! It has a divider in the middle to separate your shoes and is lined with fleece like material. There's enough space left in there to keep my golf towels as well.

  • chaekim - good

    it is a good book to use for studying nclex. it should be used more for after you have learned all your materials

  • Roland Dark - Definitive Film Version of Charles Dickens' Timeless Classic

    Simply the definitive version of Charles Dickens' beloved classic "A Christmas Carol". Alastair Sim delivers a delicious, flawless, once in lifetime performance as that pitiful old piker, Ebenezer Scrooge, injecting the vital element of dimensionality into the character, an element scarcely seen in other versions. The primary motivation for Scrooge's unsavory demeanor is not something as superficial as the thirst for wealth. No, Scrooge's hatred is the result of something deeper, more intrinsic, more human. Sim masterfully establishes this fact with acute understanding of the character. Everything from the manner in which he walks to the way he forms his words is given the proper nuance, yielding an entirely convincing and empathic performance. I have often thought Alastair must have been temporarily possessed by Dickens' mind to have pulled it off!

  • Grandma Mary - Extremely clunky

    I have had versions 2010 and 2011 - so upgraded to 2012 to get more graphics/cards, etc. It does have some nice new graphics/cards/projects - but the issue is with printing. I use this program to make cards throughout the year for my grandchildren. They enjoy getting cards that are personal (with their own name, etc). But this program when it comes to printing - needs help. I have it on 2 different computers with 2 different printers and some of the issues are: in the 2012 version when you're doing multiple envelopes the address list comes up with only the last name - now I have a whole bunch of people with the exact same last name - so how come it doesn't list first and last name (previous versions did). There doesn't appear to be a way to keep your address for the return address (that never changes) - version 2010 did. I have a printer that does auto duplexing - but that option does not work with Hallmark cards - so I have to manually duplex - why? Also - in the pre-designed cards sometimes the graphics doesn't print to the edge - even if I have borderless printing checked - and when you try to upsize the graphic to fill the space - nothing says homemade like a big white border around the front cover graphics. I used to have that problem with my older printer (HP 7960) - but Hallmark did an update and that apparently updated the printer problems with the white border. They need to do something like that for my Canon 6120.

  • OnTheRoad - Excellent Product!

    Fabulous device. Couldn't be simpler to set up and works exactly as described. We keep it in our New England home in winter while we travel south in our RV. So I always know what the temperature is inside the house with a simple online check. I've also tested the alerts by creating an out-of-range condition and it works like a charm. Highly recommended.