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  • My $.02. - Don't throw away your mop! Mine stopped heating up and working after 6 months and 2 days.

    I bought this floor steamer to sanitize and make "mopping" my 748 square feet loft easier. I have a dog and wanted a quick and easy way to clean up the floors. I found it seemed to work pretty well on the cork floor but, as expected was a little to hot for the bathroom floor (vinyl squares?) which was no big deal, that space is small and I can easily clean by the ol' knee and hand method.

  • Jrzygrl - Be careful - it contains YEAST!

    This Porsc contains YEAST. If you are allergic to yeast be careful as I had a serious allergic reaction. It is not noted in the product description and I was completely disappointed to find it had items I was allergic to in it. Even when I called a rep from Plexus, they said the yeast is for digestive reasons, however, being allergic, NO YEAST is in pro-biotics, which is all this product tries to replicate.

  • Luke Wentze - A gritty anthology

    The strength or weakness of these annual compilations is couched in the judgement of the guest editor. As such, the stories that Richard Russo selected, reflecting his tastes and predilections in literature, reveal he is a fine judge of writing craftmanship. The stories in "Best American Short Stories 2010" are memorable and cover a variety of subjects. Russo did not shy away from tough topics. Each story was simply the best of its class. I have read nearly all of these "Best ofs..." over the years and have not always agreed with some of the stories the editors selected, and even wondered at the guest editor's judgement and tastes. Whether the short story writers of North America are getting more poised and polished, or simply my tastes align with Russo's, this is a great compilation. I read it as if it was a compelling novel. There were very few flat spots in the read. I can recommend it based on the variety of its topics and the talent of its writers.

  • J. Koble - You still have to make the hard decisions!

    This is useful for prompting you to think through and decide on all the important end-of-life decisions we face. For a simple estate I think this book might be sufficient, but any time you have doubts or can't easily answer the questions, you need help. No, I am not a lawyer, and yes, they are expensive. Only you can decide if you want to leave a mess behind!

  • juan - Great tv for the price

    After tinkering to get the right settings for game and movie its awesome! Crisp visual solid colors and 4k apps are just jaw dropping! For the price i would highly recommend this great Tv! Only thing i would say its not the best would be the remote lol.

  • Rolanda - Don't waster your money

    You may as well just hook the tv up to ear buds and listen that way. And using themin a crowded place or where there is any external noise just makes you crazy and you can't her ANYTHING clearly.