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  • Pat Hicks - The best yet

    When I saw this book was available I bought it instead of reading for free. I didn't want to return it at some point. Couldn't put it down. Any loose ends were completed for me. I loved the flow of the book. Raymond I don't know how you do it. I enjoy your books and look forward to all your future books!

  • Senior Swede - Great Display/Storage

    Really cool storage for my National Parks collection. Nice thick pages with plastic covers. I just have circulated coins but want a nice presentation.Can't wait to complete the collection.Just wish I had more space to display this stuff!

  • A. McGowan - Great travel chair

    We love this chair. My daughter is very active and has a hard time staying seated in a high chair at restaurants. She loves this chair. She stays seated and likes being right at the table with us. It does not work well on light weight tables - think outdoor picnic table - or if there is a big lip under the table. We have only had one occasion where we haven't been able to use it at a restaurant. I wasn't aware when I bought it that the cover can be taken off and washed - I originally thought I could only wipe it down, which was a minus when I bought it. I would definitely recommend this chair!

  • Stephanie S - ABSOLUTELY TRASH

    Let's just get one fact straight. This books gives the ridiculous and unbelievable delusion that getting kidnapped to be a sex slave and dressing in lingerie is romantic. That maybe, just maybe, the guy who "owns you" is some romantic good looking man with a big heart who you will fall in love with and then you'll get Stockholm syndrome and consider him "HOME". I'd rather have simple minded helpless Bella than moronic delusional Sofia. I can't believe this book was published and people/women are promoting it. Girls are conned every minute on the internet by terrible, terrible men that want to beat them into submission to be a sex slave. Granted, the book has good foundation of a girl kidnapped, bringing solace to others and being strong. However, the author could have easily eliminated the sex slave/harem element of the book. Easily. She should donate her profits to the organizations that are helping stop the sex slave industry that she accidentally promoted. It is unfortunate that her publisher encouraged this book's beginning chapters. Both are morons.